• 002 - museum Mexican art.

    Another fabulous place , works tracing events from prehistory to today. This museum is located in the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago.

    001 - Musée d'art Mexicains.

    001 - Musée d'art Mexicains.

    001 - Musée d'art Mexicains.

    It features Mexican , Latino and Chicano information on art . I had no idea I was going to see in this museum. I imagined a small exhibition with some works , but not all. There are several different works . Can contemplate scuptures , paint , papers, more contemporary photography. I enjoyed discovering this museum. The exhibits are great and the focus on the celebration of Day of the Dead in Mexico and colorful program.

    The museum is free . An urn is posted for donation. Works of large dimensions have opened my mind to artists I did not know and a culture that was unknown to me . The museum is awesome.

    Patssi Valdez is definitely my favorite one, particularely his work mixing it painting and beads on the wall entitled " New Awakening ".

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